I offer skills and experience in live sound engineering, music composition, studio mixing and production, and photography and video production.

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Dominic Rae has been engaged in sound and video since 2015, working on a range of video production, music, sound design and art projects from pre-production to completion. 

Since moving to Brighton in 2016 Dominic has been involved in the local student music scene, engineering shows, producing recording projects, helping with event planning and promotion and playing in bands, as well as working freelance for clients around the the south of the UK. His skills in both sound and visuals lend to his method of operation as a one-man production team, forming the creative backbone of several ventures to date.



I’m looking to work with musicians, artists, venues and promoters to create high-quality audio and visual productions. I’ve become adept at digital recording and production techniques, as well as studio and live engineering from regular work with student musicians and bands at local Brighton venues. I’ve played in several bands myself, and I’ve been drawn to contemporary indie, emo and punk music; I’ve begun to specialise in writing, recording and producing music to fit that spread of styles, but my freelance and university work has widened my experience with classical, experimental and soundscape work, along with developing my skills in sound design. I’ve been working in photography and video production for several years, often filming, editing, producing and composing original music for projects. Whilst I do enjoy this side of my career, my greatest passion is for sound and music.


I do my best to work to the means and situation of my clientele, whether it’s carefully crafted studio work, energetic live events or eclectic artistic endeavours, and my intention is to create first-rate sound, music and visuals with top-class flexibility. 




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